In OFF THE BEATEN PATH on February 2, 2010 at 1:13 pm

Antidisestablishmentstemcellianism – in opposition to proposals for the disestablishment of the pursuit of adult stem cells as the gold standard for treatment of disease…and the focus on embryonic stem cell research due to twisted concepts and agendas of state and government


The public has voiced their position of antidisestablishmentstemcellianism against the media, whom over the past 6 years has covered stem cell stories with a complete disregard for the proven benefits of adult stem cells and an almost conspiracy theory-esque focus on “treatment unusable” embryonic stem cells.

When an “adult stem cells” story came out; there was either no coverage or highly negative coverage.

When an “embryonic stem cells” story came out; the coverage was either positive or in the often times scenario when there was very little positive to say, incredibly optimistic and forward looking.
  1. Perhaps stem cells need a stronger “voice” in an advocate who could banish up these misconceptions to the black hole of ignorance from whence they came, by demonstrating the clarity and power that comes from expertise on the subject. That voice would be like a beacon of light in the darkness…

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