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Women with breast cancer may benefit from autologous stem cell transplantation

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Women With Breast Cancer May Benefit from Autologous Stem Cell Transplantation

ScienceDaily (Jan. 12, 2010) — Compared to conventional chemotherapy, autologous stem cell transplantation can extend “event-free survival” for breast cancer patients. Clinical trials provide proof of this for breast cancer with and without distant metastases. However, there are indications that this type of stem cell transplantation can more frequently give rise to severe complications affecting almost all organ systems. This is the conclusion of the final report of the Institute for Quality and Efficiency in Health Care (IQWiG) published on 16 December 2009.

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In autologous stem cell transplantation (autologous SCT), the patient’s own (autologous) haematopoietic stem cells are removed at a suitable time during treatment and re-implanted after high-dose chemotherapy. Initially, this treatment was hailed with great excitement and widely used in the 1980s, but its benefit for patients with advanced breast cancer has been hotly debated by scientists for some years. The Federal Joint Committee (G-BA) therefore commissioned IQWiG to examine the available literature to find out whether autologous SCT could have advantages for breast cancer patients compared to conventional chemotherapy.

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