Reflecting On A Decade Of Stem Cell Research

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Reflecting On A Decade Of Stem Cell Research

By Joe Palca, NPR – December 28, 2009

Some say they hold the potential for medical miracles. Others claim they are a moral abomination. Either way, human embryonic stem cells captured headlines during the past decade in a way few areas of scientific research have before…

via Reflecting On A Decade Of Stem Cell Research | KPBS.org.

The focus of this article is all wrong.  While Embryonic Stem Cells may have potential for unknown results from research 20-50 years in future (as established by some of the top embryonic, stem cell and cloning researchers…and the director of NIH)…in fact, researchers still haven’t even mitigated the basic scientific problems inherent in the utilization of Embryonic Stem Cells in treatments…mainly tumors and rejection.

Meanwhile, around the world, the potential for treatment has ALREADY BEEN REALIZED in Adult or Repair Stem Cells.  Over 100 diseases in hundreds if not thousands of patients have already been treated successfully including HEART DISEASE, CEREBRAL PALSY, DIABETES, PAD/AMPUTATION, STROKE, MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS and more. https://repairstemcell.wordpress.com/2009/10/10/do-stem-cell-treatments-work/

As for Max’s statement: “America once paved the way for such innovations but now we are lacking in almost every field; sustainable energy, data infrastructure, public transport. Do not let stem cells be the next failure of our time”…

Max, I share your position 100% but I’m afraid that ship has sailed long ago.  The US, already years behind most of the world in regard to Stem Cell research FOR TREATMENTS of our millions of ill patients, is still losing ground.  https://repairstemcell.wordpress.com/screw-the-embryos-they%e2%80%99re-irrelevant/

Imagine this scenario.  A patient comes back from Repair Stem Cell treatment oversees and is already seeing improvements when she and her spouse got off of the plane.  Her husband says: “I’m so glad we’re back and you’re feeling better.”  She responds:  “Yeah, I love America! It’s a great place to live…it’s just a bad place to get sick.”

  1. Absolutely true. What passes for scientists in America were more interested in fighting to kill human embryos to bother developing practical treatments utilizing stem cells that NOBODY was complaining about their using.

    I’d say it was sort of odd, but Climategate showed us how scientists operate these days…. 😦

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