Stem Cells and “Glue” Heal Stroke Damage

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Stem-Cell Repair Kit for Stroke

A stem-cell matrix can repair brain damage in rodents.

By Michael Day – Monday, March 09, 2009

A novel matrix of neural stem cells and a biodegradable polymer can quickly repair brain damage from stroke in rats. Within just seven days of injecting the concoction directly into the damaged part of the brain, new nerve tissue grew to fill stroke-induced cavities.

Growing brain: Shown here is new nerve tissue created from stem cells forming in the area of the brain with a cavity caused by a stroke.

Credit: Bible E et al., The support of neural stem cells transplanted into stroke-induced brain cavities by PGLA particles, Biomaterials (2009), doi:10.1016/j.biomaterials.2009.02.012.

Scientists say that the key to the advance, published today in the journal Biomaterials, is the use of a biodegradable polymer called PLGA, which ensures that the stem cells remain in the area of stroke damage and establish connections with surrounding brain tissue. By reducing the number of stray stem cells, the system is likely to be safer as well as more effective than other methods, the researchers add.

via Technology Review: Stem-Cell Repair Kit for Stroke.

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