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I was going to write today about wellness being your first line of defense.  I’ll put that out tomorrow.  I just thought some of the articles that came out today were quite amusing.  We see that the World Health Organization may take several years to reduce the pandemic level 6 alert status.  Couple that with flu.gov posting that there are planning on instituting new measures at the airport to scan your body temp and evaluate your health before boarding a plane due to H1N1.  As if flying wasn’t inhumane enough already, now we have to put up with body scans and health questionairres.  Kurt Nimmo from Infowars put together a nice piece below that picks apart the facts vs the media spin and there is another article that will detail what to look out for from the media public relations machine over the next few weeks.  Below I picked apart a few ridiculous comments by the WHO and gave my two cents about the seasonal flu virus and what really causes it.  I’ve also included a link to an article where the WHO admits to releasing pandemic viruses into the population to gain fast track approval of vaccines.  In other words, pure evil!   Just a quick note:  Infowars.com is rebroadcasting their interview with Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, considered as one of the experts regarding the swine flu and vaccines today.  You can tap into it at www.infowars.com and tie into the restreaming broadcast (click on listen to alex jones live now, itunes or windows media player).   Interesting Articles today:   WHO States Could Take Years to Lower Pandemic Alert Level http://www.reuters.com/article/homepageCrisis/idUSL9615772._CH_.2400 (This article really sets a precedent for the next several years that swine flu isn’t going anywhere or at least the control measures they put in place aren’t (see article below)- again, fear-mongering.  Having studied virology in college and having a basic understanding of biochemistry, much of what is covered by the WHO makes no sense whatsoever, however, it does create a climate of fear and sets the precedent for control measures as cited in the below article “Gov’t to use Swine Flu for Another Control Mechanism.”)   Some of the ridiculous excerpts from this article are as follows: “Eventually a pandemic virus becomes more like a seasonal virus and that normally will take something like two to three years,” Hartl said. “Once enough people either have been vaccinated or have contracted the virus, then it becomes more difficult to spread. It starts acting like a seasonal flu.” – It starts “acting” like a seasonal flu.”  So what exactly does this mean, acting like a seasonal flu?”  Next…. “Influenza viruses thrive in colder climates and normally pack the biggest punch in winter.” – Flu virus thrives in colder climates eh?  Why? Based on what?  Where does it hide in the heat?

MY TWO CENTS ON THE ISSUE OF SEASONAL FLU: Cold climates and seasonal flus.  So what happens here in the US in the cold fall and winter?  How about massive amounts of toxic intake of candy starting in Halloween, turkey, mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie and coffee (one small token veggie on the side that no one eats) until we pass out on the couch at Thanksgiving, a week or two of leftovers, christmas parties, huge “wholesome and nutritious meals at Xmas”, lets not forget the physical stress of a drop in seasonal temperature, no time for exercise, a drop in hydration as we drink less water when its cold, a significant drop in Vitamin D as we no longer play in the sun, our skin no longer breathes out the toxins because its all covered up in multiple layers, and the multiplication factor of stress the holidays can bring and oh yes, last but far from least, an extreme embibing of healthy booze and finger foods on new years EVE.  And this year we can couple the stress of being at war with 3 countries (one private and not publicized) and a failing economy.  Then magically its flu season, and by golly gee, which strain is it going to be this year?  The Shanghai B, or the Shaghai A?  The bug, it got me, I’m gettin cold….TELL MA I LOVE ER!    Truth is, the flu “symptoms” are nothing shy of the same symptoms you would expect to experience if your body was poisoned, as it was from Halloween (maybe even earlier) through the entire holiday season.  The Truth is, when already compromised as most americans are from their standard american diet (SAD), the body goes into its own “healing crisis” and detoxes all the crappy foods, booze, sodas, stress and emotions of the holiday season.  Anybody who has embarked on a cleanse can attest to this.  Its self-preservation.  You can only poison your body so long before it has to pull the plug.  I think the argument has long been over.  You are what you eat!  And the disastrous results of the SAD diet are labeled as and blamed on a seasonal flu “virus.”  Is it really a virus that made us party hardy at the office xmas party?  Was it the thanksgiving virus that made us unbuckle our belt so we had room for pumpkin pie ala mode?  And it must have been the viruses in that last toasting glass of champagne we had on new years that you may or may not remember?  Or maybe it was the childrens candy we were piecing at around Halloween that was spiked with goblin viruses?  The truth is, the flu virus “causing” our seasonal illness is as phantom as the tooth fairy, as phantom as gouls and goblins on halloween and that the simple truth is; wellness, not your immune system is your first line of defense.  Imagine visiting New York during a trash strike and proclaiming “look at all the trash these viruses, I mean rats brought in!”  Of course that would be ridiculous.  The trash was there first, then the rats came.  Just the same its what orthodox medicine has been doing for years.  Pasteurs Germ Theory of Infectious diseases.  Agents we are supposed to fear, as they fly in on deadly air currents.  Its not the trash we’ve been packing away in our bodies for months that allows these microbes a nice envirnoment to multiply in, its the pathogenic deadly virulent flu virus thats to blame.  Even Pasteur admitted on his death bed “The terrain is everything, the microbe is nothing.”    Since practicing health, I haven’t “caught a cold,” succumbed to a “seasonal virus” or spent uncomfortable weeks coughing up green gobs of brochial infection in 3 going on 4 years. Something that happened annually to the point I could set a watch to it.  Just think of that phrase “catch a cold.”  Hello, are we still in 1825?  Yes, I’ve still heard the alarm bells going off at times with a sniffle, aches and pains, and general fatigue when I’ve embibbed in a few weeks worth of too much sugary goodness.  But I know at those times its time to cleanse out.   If you keep ramming crap into you, eventually its going to come out.  It will come out through your skin as night sweats and rashes, hot flashes and pimples.  It will come out of your butt as diarrhea and foul gas, it will come out of your nose and throat and lungs as nasty yeast and fungal mucous, it will collect in your gut and cause you to throw it up, it will cause you to feel stiff and soar and inflamed and feverish as the inflammation oozes from your lymph system to be dumped from the body etc etc etc.  All symptoms of the body being poisoned.  Not invaded by star wars looking protein particles.    The truth is, the flu virus isn’t the cause of your feeling like crap in January anymore than the rats brought in the trash bags to NYC.  Now, there is an element of truth to this germ theory.  If you have been trashing your bodies, your chances of succumbing to some microbe sooner than later are much greater.  But it will most likely start from the inside out, rather than some non-living virus particle that hides in the shadows during the OFF-season.  And where exactly does the flu hide in the off-season?   And then somehow sparks back into existence.  Is it like a fly in the cold?  Wait, thats right, the flu loves the cold, silly me.  Maybe it gets too hot in the summer and faints from heat exhaustion.  Then wakes back up when a cold splash of autumn chill smacks across its face?  Does it have a face?  No, but somehow it may mutate into some feverishly killer strain.  Biochemically, thats the complex equivalent of pigs growing wings so they can fly.  The CDC annouces that its only a matter of time before pigs mutate into deadly flying infectious squealing agents – we just don’t know when, but the best we can figure it will be hear just as the vaccines are ready!!!!!  More and more it seems like this pig is so ridiculous it may as well have wings.  Seasonal cold loving swine flu.  And by the way, the flu season follows the festive season all around the globe, not just in the US.  This from Tony Robbins himself who travels the world over, works with millions of people around the globe each year.  But  careful now, it could kill you.  So you should fear it!   I could puke!  The only thing you should fear is the propaganda put forth by the pharmaceutical industry pumping out these vaccines and your loving gov’t who they have as a business partner – and the chump media thats run by both those outfits -Thats my soap box rant for Oct 09, 2009.   And a word about the World Health Organization (WHO).  Would you really trust what an organization has to say that admits to creating pandemics through mock vaccines containing live virus to get fast track approval of vaccines?  Oh wait, didn’t they just add live virus to the Flumist?  Yes, they did, and while they say its attenuated “declawed” (gotta love it) and it can’t get you sick (well unless you are immunocompromised – see SAD above) the insert says, don’t go near immunocompromised people for 21 days.  Why?  Thought it was “declawed.”      WHO ADMITS TO RELEASING PANDEMIC VIRUS INTO POPULATIONS VIA MOCK UP VACCINES http://www.theflucase.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=488%3Awho-admits-to-releasing-pandemic-virus-into-population-via-mock-up-vaccines-&catid=41%3Ahighlighted-news&Itemid=105&lang=en Glenn Beck’s Slick Propaganda Segment on the H1N1 Vaccination This is a very well written article by Kurt Nimmo.  This is a must read.  Not only does it cover facts on the Nasal Spray Flumist, such as package insert warnings and contents, but also demonstrates the polarity between the Facts and the Media spin.  Contains a media youtube clip of the Glenn Beck show.   http://www.infowars.com/glenn-becks-slick-propaganda-segment-on-the-h1n1-vaccination/ The Public Relations Machine for the Vaccine Complex http://www.infowars.com/the-public-relations-machine-for-the-vaccine-complex/

Government to Use Swine Flu for Another Control Mechanism

Karen De Coster
LRC Blog
October 9, 2009

The government wants to take your temperature and/or scan you for the swine flu before you board a plane. In fact, they want you to have a “health screening.” From the Flu.gov website:

Due to the outbreak of H1N1 (Swine) flu occurring in the United States and many other countries, airport staff in some countries may check the health of arriving passengers. Travelers from the United States arriving in other countries may be checked for fever and other symptoms of H1N1 (Swine) flu, and their travel may be delayed.

According to the Militarized Flu Police, you may be asked to

  • Pass through a scanning device that checks your temperature. (The device may look like an airport metal detector, a camera, or a handheld device.)
  • Have your temperature taken with an oral or ear thermometer
  • Fill out a sheet of questions about your health
  • Review information about the symptoms of H1N1 (Swine) flu
  • Give your address, phone number, and other contact information
  • Be quarantined for a period of time if a passenger on your flight is found to have symptoms of H1N1 (Swine) flu
  • Contact health authorities in the country you are visiting to let them know if you become ill

If you have a “fever or respiratory symptoms” you may be asked to 1) be isolated from others, 2) submit to a medical examination, 3) take a rapid flu test with a nasal swab sample (!), 4) be hospitalized and given medical treatment if you test positive for H1N1.

I just listened to some nutcase proponent of this tyranny who was interviewed on FOX radio, and he called this “a sound public decision” and a “wise step.” The poor creep doesn’t “want to get on a plane next to someone who is sneezing and wheezing.” The analyst for FOX: “It does, in a way, make sense.” Indeed, we are living in sick times and we are surrounded by sick minds.


Today we explore the truth behind the current tally of H1N1 cases, check global polls and see that an overwhelming majority DO NOT WANT H1N1 vaccinations and pose the question, “Why the state of National Emergency President Obama?”  You may want to know!  Check tomorrows Vaccine Alert!!! ————————————————————————————————————————————- CBS News Study: 80% of H1N1 Swine Flu cases not flu at all. CDC’s numbers completely exaggerated.    “If you’ve been diagnosed “probable” or “presumed” 2009 H1N1 or “swine flu” in recent months, you may be surprised to know this: odds are you didn’t have H1N1 flu. In fact, you probably didn’t have flu at all.” – CBS Click here for CBS News Webpage Sample Data: The numbers broken down.  The following table demonstrates the number of cases reported as H1N1 and the percentages that were confirmed H1N1, other flu and negative for any flu.  Bottom line:  the majority of H1N1 cases reported to the CDC were in fact, not H1N1, in fact, not flu at all.  So how is this happening?  Well, in confirmed reports, you show up, you have symptoms, you’re labeled H1N1.    State    Cases reported H1N1    %H1N1 Flu       Other Flu         Negative for other Flu Florida           8,853                            17%                                                       83% California      13,704                            2%                   12%                              86% Georgia          3,117                             2%                                                       97% Alaska               772                              1%                     5%                              93% So what we find here is a complete exaggeration of cases labeled as swine flu.  Through the link below, Dr. Mercola provides an excellent breakdown of the article as well as an expert interview with Barbara Loe Fisher, founder of the National Vaccine Information Center. www.nvic.org/ CBS Reveals that Swine Flu Cases Seriously Overestimated

Posted by: Dr. Mercola
October 24 2009 | 190,640 views

Dr. Mercola Interviews Barbara Loe Fisher, founder of the National Vaccine Information Center


Mass Rejection Of Swine Flu Vaccine

Mass Rejection Of Swine Flu Vaccine Continues Throughout Europe

France:          Only 17% in favor of vaccinations down from 55% in Sept.  Nearly 1 in 2 clearly opposed Germany:       Only 13% in favor of vaccinations down from 51% in July. Austria:          Less than 10 people attend vaccine clinic in fourth largest city Salzburg. Luxemburg:   77% opposed to vaccinations, 15% undecided. Poland:          Only 3% plan on vaccinations in Krakow, one of countries largest cities. Similar attitudes for Danes, Finns, Spanish, Belgians and Dutch and British people.

Steve Watson
Wednesday, Oct 28, 2009

New Poll Indicates Mass Rejection Of Swine Flu Vaccine

October 23, 2009 by Infowars Ireland

62% of Americans will refuse jab due to safety concerns.

Pregnant Women Resist Vaccination

Infowars | Less than a third of pregnant women have taken the shot despite Gov’ts 16 billion propaganda campaign.


“So why the National Emergency Mr. President?”

Obama Declares H1N1 Flu ‘National Emergency’

Reuters | The White House statement was similar to disaster declarations issued before hurricanes hit coastal areas.

So we see that for the most part, H1N1 is a complete non-event.  1000 deaths have been reported since March.  Thats little over 100 per month.  Seasonal flu comes in at 36,000 per year.  An avg of 3000 per month.  A National Emergency?  For what?  So for those of us who didn’t think it was possible that the mandatory vaccination and forcible quarantining legislation (Pennsylvania Drafts 2009 Mandatory Vaccination Law ) would ever go into effect because, well, they’ll never call a National Emergency, know this, its here.  Its said, its only to cut through red tape, but be skeptical.  Tomorrows post will tell you why.


Today:  Why the National Emergency? / School Children Vaccinated without Parental Consent / Vaccine Deaths and Consequences —————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————

Three More Children Injected Against Parents’ Wishes When does yet another “mistake” become a flagrant official disregard for parental rights? Another three children have been injected with the swine flu vaccine against their parents’ wishes as schools institute mass inoculation programs with little concern about consent.  In one case, it was exposed when one child was rushed to the hospital: Public school nurses give swine flu vaccine to kids without parents’ OK, sends child to hospital YouTube: Child vaccinated at school AGAINST PARENTS WISHES !

————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————— Why the National Emergency? While it was demonstrated through the polls in yesterdays email that the masses are awakening, are we confident enough, are we convicted enough in our stances to fend off a flank attack coming from the blindside?  What do I mean?  It seems as though H1N1 is a non-event, as evidenced from the data discussed yesterday.  However, WE ARE under a state of national emergency.  If you remember from previous emails, legislation has been passed at the Federal, State and Local levels allowing for Mandatory Vaccinations and Forcible Quarantining.  And as we’ll see below, recent developments in the Ukraine, which have the WHO concerned could spark a worldwide lockdown.  Can you withstand the media fearmongering that may result and the task force Government Appoints Task Force To Handle H1N1 Vaccine Propaganda appointed to  “explain false alarms” to public when injuries “coincide” with shots.

YouTubeCongressman Ron Paul: The H1N1 ‘National Emergency’ Gives Power to ‘Quarantine Large Numbers of People’


On October 20, it was reported Mysterious virus kills 30 people in Ukraine (contains a video from Russia TV).  Mysteriously, Mexican flu (H1N1) was ruled out, as also detailed in the article posted to Infowars titled Ukraine’s Deadly Flu: Pretext for Mandatory Vaccination? In it, Ukraine Health Minister Vasyl Kniazevych told the National Radio Company of Ukraine that the virus is not H1N1. The article questions, Could the new influenza strain now emerging in Eastern Europe be a biological warfare agent? A grammatically poor, yet insightful article entitled Has Baxter International released a biological weapon? suggests that this new outbreak could be the result of a new virus manufactured in a laboratory setting by Baxter. Yet, Russia TV as well as numerous other mainstream media reports suggest that it is in fact H1N1.  Steve Watson from Infowars details this and other possible scenarios in Swine Flu, Mystery Virus Or Pure Hype: What Is Going On In Ukraine? Alarming though are the reports of aircraft spraying aerosols over towns in the Ukraine meant to combat swine flu outbreak: Panic in Ukraine, Authorities deny aircraft are spraying aerosols over cities, Martial Law expected . So far PM Announces Flu Quarantine of Nine Ukrainian Oblasts .  The WHO is currently sending a team to the Ukraine to determine exactly what is going on: Ukraine Mystery Outbreak Sparks WHO Concern as Disease Spreads.

I debated including the Ukraine stories, I’m not one for fearmongering, but I think its pertinent to cover these stories as it could set the stage for global lockdown. While it is yet to be determined whether there is reason for concern, its wise to anticipate. Whats curious about these stories is the confusion between the Ukraine Health Minister ruling out H1N1 and the media claiming it is in fact H1N1.  Could we be seeing an unveiling of a new biological warfare agent meant to scare us into getting our H1N1 vaccinations?  Could it be the pretext for mandatory vaccinations and quarantining?  It’s worth questioning.

About 18 months ago I posed a movie plot scenario where a viral outreak occurs (fabricated), forcible vaccinations and quarantines result (vaccinations as part of the internment) and most die.  The plot twist being that most die from the vaccine, not the virus, yet, the gov’t declares they got the viral strain wrong and that the virus was to blame.  Little did I know at the time that such a scenario could actually unfold.  In the face of fear, would you really want to go running out to get the shot?  Below are just a handful of articles I’ve pulled regarding the H1N1 vaccine results.  Again, curiously, these reports show up locally, but not mainstream.  Why is this?

Possible deaths from H1N1 vaccine reported in Sweden

Deaths in China from Flu Vaccination

Boy rushed to hospital after swine flu jab

Jerry Emmons Puyallup man paralyzed after routine vaccination

Congressman Ron Paul about the Swine Flu: People die from the Vaccines not from The Flu

Keep the faith and stay strong!!!


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