Couple offers daughter A CHANCE AT HEALTH

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Once more, the press is missing the point entirely.  Ms Sikora, are you kidding me?  It’s almost like you are doing it on purpose!  To correct the writing from this journalist:

Michaela will receive ADULT/REPAIR stem cells (RSC), not EMBRYONIC. What’s the difference? EMBRYONIC treatments have caused tumors. RSC NEVER have.

This is not an untested or unproven science. Thousands of RSC treatments have been performed with virtually no side effects & resulting in significant improvements to the patient’s health.  There are 2,572 “stem cell” clinical trials results at clinicaltrials.gov  There are 1,160,000 “stem cell” scholarly papers on google.  Evidence supports that the risk of RSC treatments are about the same as the risks associated with drawing blood.  (Standard safe practice of lab protocols removes these risks almost entirely.)

Secondary dystonia includes dystonia associated with approximately 50 neurological & metabolic diseases & result from outside factors & can be attributed to a specific cause such as exposure to certain medications, trauma, toxins, infections or stroke. This is an extremely “specific to the patient” disease. To say “never tried the procedure on…her condition before” is ridiculous.  She is essential the only person with her condition. Neuro diseases treated  successfully include MS, MD, ALS, Parkinson’s, Alzheimers.

Mr & Mrs Rodrigues – As the media twists the truth about the incredible healing powers of REPAIR STEM CELLS and stories are coming out equating “trying to get your child healed” with “committing heinous child abuse,”  I want to applaud you for standing strong and refusing to be swayed by ignorance and mass (read: “incorrect”) opinion.  I wish you and Michaela the best of luck and the best of health! -David

And yes! I changed the title from:

“Couple offers daughter as guinea pig for stem cell gamble”


“Couple offers daughter A CHANCE AT HEALTH.”

By Kate Sikora-The Daily Telegraph- September 14, 2009 12:00AM

Stem cell salvation … Chris and Wendy Rodriguez are taking their daughter Michaela, 9, to China for radical treatment. Source: The Daily Telegraph

CHRIS and Wendy Rodrigues want to give their child the best chance at life – that’s why they are offering their daughter as a human guinea pig.

Michaela is about to undergo radical and controversial stem cell therapy in China, where doctors have never tried the procedure on a person with her condition before.

The vibrant nine-year-old has the neurological disease secondary dystonia, which causes her muscles to contract and spasm involuntarily.

While the condition doesn’t affect her mind, Michaela has difficulty speaking, is confined to a wheelchair and needs to be fed and taken to the bathroom by a carer.

The experiment she will undergo is dangerous, with Australian doctors warning against travelling overseas for stem cell therapy. But her parents think the risk is worth it.

“We know she is a guinea pig, but we hope it is for the good of others,” Mrs Rodrigues, of Ashfield, said.

“We don’t expect a miracle. I am not expecting her to get up and start walking. But we have to know that we have tried every possible thing to help her have quality of life.”

Doctors will extract her bone marrow stem cells, grow them in a laboratory, select the best quality cells and then reinject them.

They will also give her six injections into her spine of umbilical cord blood stem cells which can heal the damaged part of her brain.

Afterwards, her parents hope Michaela will be relaxed and able to eat and sleep and talk better.

What they don’t want is for the operation to fail or, even worse, cause their “princess” to develop cancer, which has happened in some cases.

Stem cell therapy using adult cells is not available in Australia. Overseas medical tourism is growing rapidly, reportedly a $60 billion industry.

Monash Immunology and Stem Cell Laboratories director Richard Boyd said overseas labs were unregulated.

“I am not saying you shouldn’t go but the bottom line is don’t go to these clinics unless there’s proof,” he said.

“These clinics in China are going out and saying they can do all these things. There’s no evidence. It’s dangerous.”

The Rodrigues family is spending $70,000 on the treatment.

“We are excited and we are also frightened,” Mr Rodrigues said.

“We hope this will give her something to carry on with her life.”

After they return, the couple hope to help other parents wanting overseas stem cell therapy.

Anyone wishing to donate should contact cmyangel@bigpond.net. au

via Couple offers daughter as guinea pig | The Daily Telegraph.

  1. Way to go 🙂 wish u all the best.. waiting to hear good news from you as my sister has the same diseas. May god Bless you all/

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