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Published 23 January 2009

Twelve years ago, Irving Weissman discovered a treatment that might have saved the lives of thousands of women with advanced breast cancer, but pharmaceutical companies weren’t interested in developing the therapy. Though that interest is finally being reignited, Weissman doesn’t pull any punches. “I hate to say I told you so,” he said.

Weissman, a professor of pathology and developmental biology at Stanford University, spoke Wednesday and Thursday at Columbia University.

Weissman laid out the conceptual foundation of his work—that stem cells are rare, self-renewing, and can regenerate body tissues. Weissman repeatedly expressed frustration that while many of his discoveries seemed to hold remarkable potential for life-saving treatments, commercial or regulatory hurdles have prevented his scientific research from benefiting human beings.

One example is

Weissman’s mid-’90s research on type I diabetes, in which he demonstrated the ability to fully cure type I diabetes in mice using stem cells.

But even though the experiments avoided political controversy by using so-called adult stem cells, which do not come from embryos, Weissman ran into a road block when pharmaceutical companies refused to sponsor clinical trials. The therapy went nowhere. Weissman implied that the pharmaceutical companies had put profit over principle, preferring to keep diabetes sufferers dependent on costly insulin than to cure them once and for all.

“He [Weissman] has a long history of being at the forefront of his field,” Arthur Palmer, professor of structural biology at Columbia said, remarking that Weissman has never been afraid to challenge scientific orthodoxy.

Diabetes NEEDLE

via Scientist Revives Research.

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  2. there is right?

    • I am so glad you contacted me! As the father of a 10 year old who has been pre-diagnosed with diabetes, I know a little bit of the anguish you are going through. To be perfectly frank, that was the main reason I abandoned a successful career 5 years ago and started working in the stem cell industry so I guess you could say that you came to the right place! Please maintain a positive attitude and read on…

      1. I am currently working with the top diabetic stem cell doctor in the world and the top diabetes stem cell company in the world. I will have your daughter’s records sent to him. Fill out this form and you will receive info on the state of the top stem cell treatment options for diabetes around the world: http://repairstemcells.org/Treatment/Treatment-Request.aspx?d=Diabetes%20Type%201 There is no cost for this information.

      2. I am forwarding your request to Don Margolis, founder of the Repair Stem Cell Institute. I think he is the most informed/best person in the world at helping patients find stem cell treatment for their diseases.

      3. There are a small collection of positive studies and articles here:
      Let me know if you need help sorting through the info. There are many more articles all touting the benefits of stem cell treatment for type 1 diabetics.

      4. One more thing. In 2004, I worked for a company that treated congestive heart failure with stem cells. Of those people with congestive heart failure who ALSO HAD DIABETES, about 50% of them reduced their insulin by half or went off of it entirely…with no specific treatment for the diabetes. This was a “side effect” (an incredible and wonderful side effect!) of pumping stem cells into their hearts!

      Please share this info with your daughter. There are options out there that people in the USA and doctors have no idea about! Best of luck to you, keep both of your chins up and feel free to contact me directly if I can help you further!!!
      David – dsgrano@gmail.com

  3. I have greatly benefited from autologous (my own) stem cell therapy to repair a degenerative disc in my neck. My adult (repair) stem cells were extracted from my blood and incubated to grow large numbers of cells. These cells were harvested and injected into muscles at the base of my neck. This not only fixed my disc, it had a general effect that fixed everything else in my body. After six months of periodic treatments it seems as though I am growing younger, and I feel wonderful. In the course of my treatments I learned of diabetics (1 & 2) who had success with this same proceedure.

  4. I never imagine that there is indeed a cure for type 1 diabetes.

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