Adult stem cells fix the heart – part 2 – DEATH SENTENCE

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Adult stem cells fix the heart – part 2


BY JAMES EILERTheart_attack1
Vice President
Save A Life Heal A Heart Foundation
JUNE 24, 2009

During rehab I worked very hard, finally being able to jog slowly up to two miles, but I could never get beyond that and that combined with going back to my job left me a shell of a man. Crashing from exhaustion on the couch every night and spending my weekends in bed trying make it through the next week of work. During this time my leg pain did go away, and with a good diet I dropped 90 lbs over the next 6 months.

Then the other shoe dropped, a CT was done on my chest and it was discovered that I had not only a pulmonary embolism, but I also had a giant branchial carciniod tumor that completely filled up the cavity occupied but my right middle lung. During my stay for those issues a team of cardios also looked after me. they told me at best I had maybe 5 years left if I was lucky and the very good transplant surgeon that would crack the right side of my chest gave the same chances of making threw the lobectomy as an 80 year old man.

Well I ended up being so stable during the surgery he worked an extra 2 hours on me and I recovered. I did have a bought with pneumonia also but I survived that as well.

1 ½ after my heart attack I went to Thailand for my stem cell therapy.

Before I left I had a metabolic stress test done using the advance haskell protocol. I scored 8 mets with a vo2 of 28.

40% of my left ventricle was totally dead – mri mapping


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