My MS Pain is GONE!

In VICTORIES & SUCCESS STORIES on September 2, 2009 at 12:38 pm

Another adult stem cell miracle…CONGRATS to Richard + Laura Humphries for having the sight and the gumption to pursue non-conventional treatments!

…but is it truly a miracle? Let’s see:
mir·a·cle – Pronunciation: ˈmir-i-kəl Function: noun – Etymology: Middle English, from Anglo-French, from Late Latin miraculum, from Latin, a wonder, marvel, from mirari to wonder at – Date: 12th century
1 : an extraordinary event manifesting divine intervention in human affairs
2 : an extremely outstanding or unusual event, thing, or accomplishment

Nope. Definitely not a miracle. These kind of success stories of so called “incurable diseases” improving are happening every day, all over the world, with adult stem cells…EXCEPT in the US!

Richard, Laura, thanks for blazing the trail and getting the word out!  I wish you continued health and hope many, many people follow your example! -dg


Richard Humphries, an Alexandria native from Fort Worth, Texas, has plans to play in the 2009 Deep South Four Ball golf tournament, despite suffering from secondary progressive multiple sclerosis.Seventeen months ago, Humphries, a 54-year-old Alexandria native who lives in Fort Worth, Texas, was bedridden and suffering from excruciating pain with secondary progressive multiple sclerosis.

“Very few people know this,” he said, “but I prayed to die every day and night, for the pain was off the charts.”…

…”The night after the second injection, I started to feel better and the fog had lifted. The time was midnight, and I had not been able to stay up that late in some time. The pain was gone….

…In February, Humphries underwent another experimental stem cell treatment to regrow inner ear nerve hairs. It not only improved his hearing but helped him tolerate heat, which can be a problem for people with MS…

Richard Humphries, an Alexandria native from Fort Worth, Texas, has plans to play in the 2009 Deep South Four Ball golf tournament, despite suffering from secondary progressive multiple sclerosis.

“It’s an amazing recovery,” Ichem  said (Dr. Tom Ichem of San Diego, a scientist). “I was with him in (Washington) D.C. and spent three days with him, and I was, honestly, bona fide flabbergasted. It’s one thing to read about recoveries like this, but to see it first hand — I hate to say ‘miracle,’ but it was absolutely something very, very stunning. Usually when we develop new treatments, we see results with some impact, but I’ve never seen this kind of stunning impact. It literally shocked me.”

via Pushing the limit: Alexandria native Humphries fights through MS to play in tourney | thetowntalk.com | The Town Talk.

  1. David, This is truly incredible. How long have you been tracking this research? I can honestly say that I have never read, in any of my research, about the use of Adult stem cells. Thank you very much for being so involved and bringing this information to my attention. Also, one of my sons has Aspergers Syndrome (Autism Spectrum), I see it is being used to treat Autism as well. Very interesting!

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  3. Please comment on how treatment affected (before and after) PPMS muscle spasticity, if any, and also the effect of the stem cells upon paralysis, if any. Posting was bright and filled with promise, but, alas, not a lot of information. Thanks and regards,

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