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DARA BIOSCIENCES INCORPORATED (NASDAQ: DARA) “Up 31.24% on Wednesday” Detailed Quote: http://www.otcpicks.com/quotes/DARA.php

stemcells_money1DARA BioSciences Inc. (“DARA”) is a Raleigh, North Carolina based development-stage pharmaceutical company that acquires promising therapeutic small molecules and develops them through proof of concept in humans for subsequent sale or out-licensing to larger pharmaceutical companies. Presently DARA has two drug candidates with cleared IND’s (Investigational New Drug) Applications from the US FDA. One of these drug candidates KRN5500 has successfully completed a Phase 2a clinical trial treating cancer patients for neuropathic pain. It has a portfolio of drug candidates for neuropathic pain, type 2 diabetes, and psoriasis.

DARA News: August 4 – DARA BioSciences, Inc. and America Stem Cell, Inc. Collaborate On Stem Cell Research DARA BioSciences, Inc. (Nasdaq: DARA) announced that the Company is collaborating with America Stem Cell (“ASC”) to expand on observations from recent preclinical studies showing that dipeptidylpeptidase (DPPIV) inhibitors improve the efficiency of hematopoietic stem cell (HSC) transplants. HSC transplants are used as a therapeutic approach for many malignant and non-malignant hematological disorders.

ASC will expand on these previous observations with preclinical studies utilizing potent and selective DPPIV inhibitors obtained from DARA BioSciences. The goal of this collaboration is to accelerate the translation of this approach to the clinic for the benefit of many patients in need of a HSC transplant.


America Stem Cell, Inc. (“ASC”) is a privately held biotechnology company based in Carlsbad, CA, and is dedicated to the development and commercialization of enabling technologies to enhance and expand the therapeutic potential of stem cells. The Company possesses two key technology platforms – ASC-101 and ASC-201 – that are designed to improve the engraftment of stem cells to target organs and increase their therapeutic potential.

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