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Scientists Move Closer to Repairing Damaged Hearts Using Patient’s Own Body

August 22, 2009

A major study by Baxter Inc has shown promising results in the effort to repair damaged hearts using stem cells from the patient’s own body. The stem cells are harvested and injected into the heart muscle where they are able to grew blood vessels and develop into new heart tissue.

So far, the treatment has shown no side effects. However the process of injecting the stems cells into the heart requires open heart surgery, which has a 1% chance of perforating the heart. Researchers are looking into other ways of delivering stems cells to the heart by injecting them into other muscles or through an IV into a vein…

via http://www.citizensreport.org/2009/08/22/scientists-move-closer-to-repairing-damaged-hearts-using-patient%E2%80%99s-own-body/

Isn’t there a law against this kind of misguided information? They are sighting “promising results?” “Requires open heart surgery?” “Looking into IV implantation?” 


Type keyword “Doris Taylor” or “Congestive heart failure” or “James Eilert” into the search bar on my blog and you will find many, many articles on the history of adult stem cell treatment of heart disease.  A long history of proven treatments, since 2004, using multiple methods of implantation including direct injection and IV implantation and catheterization through the femoral artery.  NO OPEN HEART SURGERY REQUIRED! 

C’mon guys. Wake up and see what has been happening around the world for half a decade.  Stop distributing false or misleading information.  The ptients deserve to hear the truth.  Not a little bit of the truth, not a slanted version of the truth, not a rewritten version of the truth…the whole truth.

  1. Being one of the people who participated in a Baxter study. I can say it has help me. my arteries were closed and i was making on the bypasses i had in 98. the chest pains were greater and i could not walk 50 yards without stopping and taking a Nitro. Since march of 2007 i have cut my meds in alf and i am off of blood pressure meds. I work out at least twice a week. I still don’t do races,I lift weights and play a little round ball.
    Now the study was double blinded and i have not been told i actually receive my own stem cells,but i don’t believe my mind made these changes. Baxter has away to help if they would only release it. It’s all about the money nad let them tell you any different.

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