Firefighters raise $3,500 for Brody Kilby-McGuire – The Daily Observer – Ontario, CA

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Firefighters save lives with stem cells instead of fire hoses. – dg

Brody Kilby-McGuire, 4, tried using a golf club for a while, but then decided it was easier to kick the ball in the hole while he waited for Saturday’s golf tournament to raise money for his medical expenses to get started. His mom Erin Kilby got to hold the club instead.

Firefighters raise $3,500 for Brody Kilby-McGuire


A charity golf tournament on the weekend raised $3,500 for a little boy who recently underwent a stem cell transplant in the Dominican Republic to treat progressive muscle degeneration.

Brody Kilby-McGuire, 4, was the guest of honour and junior fire chief for the day Saturday at a golf tournament organized by the Laurentian Valley Fire Fighters Association and held at the Pembroke Golf Club…

….That $30,000 is needed to cover medical expenses since Brody was diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy in the spring. When Brody started experiencing difficulty climbing the stairs, even entering and exiting the front door of the family’s home near Chapeau, his parents Erin Kilby and Dan McGuire took him to the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario where he was diagnosed.

Duchenne MD is a severe recessive form of muscular dystrophy, which sees rapid progression of muscle degeneration because of the mutation of genes. It affects one in 3,500 males.

At the end of June, Brody underwent a three-hour stem cell procedure in the Dominican Republic. Since then he has shown signs of improvement and is even learning to run, a new skill he was demonstrating Saturday at the golf course as he opted to kick golf balls in the hole on the putting green instead of the traditional club method…

via Firefighters raise $3,500 for Brody Kilby-McGuire – The Daily Observer – Ontario, CA.


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