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UK News :: Liver patients get stem cell hope

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BREAKTHROUGH: Doctors have treated alcoholic liver patients with their own stem callsSunday

August 16,2009By Lucy JohnstonBRITISH doctors have saved the lives of alcoholic liver patients by treating them with their own stem cells in a breakthrough that could save hundreds of lives a year.The stem cells help to grow new liver cells so that a damaged liver can begin to function normally again.

The team, which is based at London’s Hammersmith Hospital, has used the technique on around 30 patients so far with good results. They hope the treatment will become mainstream within three to five years.It involves taking blood from patients, removing stem cells that circulate in the bloodstream and multiplying them in a laboratory.

They are infused back into the liver via a main artery where they continue to multiply as liver cells.The technique, which is undergoing trials, could revolutionise treatment of patients with liver failure. At present there is no method of keeping them alive as there is with kidney disease…

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