Dad: Radical Treatment Helping Son With Autism Recover (Stem cells)

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  • Daniel, You are a shining example and an inspiration to those who will not give up, will not lie down and will not accept it when they are given the sentence that they have “no options.” Well done! -dg

Matthew Faiella, 8 year old autistic child improving with stem cell treatments

A father looking for the best for his child with autism quit his job, sold his house in Florida and moved to Western New York looking for better public schools. This is only the first in a long line of sacrifices he’s made, sacrifices that are all worth it, he says because the radical medical treatments they’ve been using are working.

Eight year old Matthew Faiella was diagnosed with autism at 18 months and at the time, the doctor’s long term prediction did not give the family much hope.

“When they told me they go, ‘just be ready to institutionalize him‘ and I broke down and cried in front of the doctor. I looked at her and said, not my son, not on my watch,” says Daniel Faiella, Matthew’s father…

  • He started tireless research and two years ago decided to start treating his son in a hyperbaric oxygen chamber. “We tried it out and he went from two word sentences to complete sentences,” says Daniel.
  • his son would be injected with stem cells. It was not approved to treat autism here in the United States. Daniel says his son is still getting better and will return for another treatment this fall.

“Weren’t you scared of what might happen to him?” asks Kristin Donnelly.

Of course, scared, and fear, but I don’t let fear control my life,” Daniel answers.

“You do whatever you can for your child – nothing, spare no cost,” Faiella insists.

Check out the Faiella family blog

via wgrz.com | Buffalo, NY | Dad: Radical Treatment Helping Son With Autism.

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