Stem-cell treatment offers hope to Colorado boys – The Denver Post

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By Karen Auge,The Denver Post, Updated: 07/01/2009 09:44:11 AM MDT

Harrison Spiers, left, and Dominic King, both 10 and both with cerebral palsy, will fly to Germany soon for a stem-cell treatment unavailable in the U.S. (Reza A. Marvashti, The Denver Post)

Dominic King didn’t have much to say.

Worn out from horseback riding, the 10-year-old sat quietly on a recent summer afternoon, smiling, amused by his best friend, Harrison Spiers.

Harrison, for his part, was hosting a one-man yak-fest, and his topic was one any 10-year-old boy, or former 10-year-old boy, should relate to: baseball.

Neither boy, though, volunteered comment about what will surely be the most memorable event of their activity-packed summer: the trip to Germany they’re about to take. Asked about it, the boys shrug it off. No big deal. We’ve flown in airplanes before.

No big deal, except that this trip isn’t about a relaxing summer getaway to the land of bratwurst and the Brandenburg Gate.

This is a trip about hope…

via Stem-cell treatment offers hope to Colorado boys – The Denver Post.


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