How People No Longer Have To Die From Heart Failure

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Adult Stem Cells Healed My Heart –
My Story of Tragedy and Ultimate Victory over My Condition
JULY 27, 2009

When I was 27 years old I was a bodybuilder, 200lbs of solid muscle I worked out at the gym 6 days a week every day after work. Then the first of a series of medical problems happened, I completely destroyed one of my lumbar discs l5-s1. Three years later I also destroyed the disc above it l4-l5 and suffered from severe nerve damage to my legs. The nerves did eventually grow back but I suffered from excruciating leg cramping and spasms in my feet and calves for the next four years. It was hell to even sit down for my job, needless to say I stopped exercising and due to a very poor diet and 8 cans of mountain dew a day my weight jumped up to 280lbs. I started smoking because for a few minutes the spasms quite and gave me a little peace, this allowed me to work an extra 10 hours a week and I became hooked.

Four years later at age 34 after spending two years working 80 hour weeks at a very stressful job I was working the Chrysler plant in belvidere ill. I woke up in the middle of a heart attack, not knowing what it was I walked around my hotel room for the next 45 minutes until I realized the pain wasn’t going away.

The paramedics took me to the hospital and I was sent to surgery, when I woke up the doctor informed me that I had a widowmaker – 100 blocked LAD and they had determined that 50% of my left ventricle was not moving any more. They told me that more often than not people usually don’t make it very long after one of these.

During rehab I worked very hard, finally being able to jog slowly up to two miles, but I could never get beyond that and that combined with going back to my job left me a shell of a man. Crashing from exhaustion on the couch every night and spending my weekends in bed trying make it through the next week of work. During this time my leg pain did go away, and with a good diet I dropped 90 lbs over the next 6 months.

Then the other shoe dropped, a CT was done on my chest and it was discovered that I had not only a pulmonary embolism, but I also had a giant branchial carciniod tumor that completely filled up the cavity occupied but my right middle lung. During my stay for those issues a team of cardios also looked after me. they told me at best I had maybe 5 years left if I was lucky and the very good transplant surgeon that would crack the right side of my chest gave the same chances of making threw the lobectomy as an 80 year old man.

Well I ended up being so stable during the surgery he worked an extra 2 hours on me and I recovered. I did have a bought with pneumonia also but I survived that as well.

1 ½ after my heart attack I went to Thailand for my stem cell therapy.

Before I left I had a metabolic stress test done using the advance haskell protocol. I scored 8 mets with a vo2 of 28.

40% of my left ventricle was totally dead – mri mapping

Three days after my stem cell implantation I started walking through Bangkok again, my breathing had improved, my stamina was up, and for some reason I was really hungry all the time.

Before the treatment after walking it would take half and hour in air conditioning to stop sweating and my hr would be 110 to 120 for quite while cooling down.

In three days when I tried again my hr was 85 and I would stop sweating in 5 minutes. A week and a half later I had an echo done before I left and the bottom of my heart was very weakly beating again. This really gave me hope.

Two months later I did another metabolic stress test using the standard Bruce protocol and I scored 10.1 mets with a vo2 of 32. A 20% and 12.5% increase the doctor that had done my last one blurted out “absolutely stunning!” this put me in the 95th percentile for men my age of 37 years old, in other words out of a 100men my age 50 of them could not match my performance. If I lost 50 lbs then I would be way over the average.

Now 18 months later only a very small part of the bottom of my heart isn’t beating normally and I can do nearly everything I want to now. The only thing I have not done is hard sports because I still have a fear of maxing out my heart rate – old fears die hard.

All of my body chemical stats are now in normal range, I have maintained a cholesterol of 144 total without using any statins – I quite those several months ago.

The last three weeks of july I have worked over 90+ hours and I don’t feel especially tired

My last bike ride on a recumbent bike I rode 33.5 miles in 2 hours 20 minutes.

I can walk 5 miles on a whim, and not have to relax afterwards

I did a six minute walk test and I did 804 meters in 5 minutes which is on video

The next video I make I will attempt to do 1100 to 1300 meters in 6 minutes. – what else can I say.

Adult stem cells work. No placebo effect can change the physiological effects of heart failure that are easy to see and impossible to mask.

James Eilert

This is one reason this cause is so important. A class III heart patient could never lift half their body weight even once without some form of easily identifiable symptoms. They would be short of breathe, gasping, not able to talk normally, and sweating profusely, lastly they would have to sit down and wait for their heart to catch back up. As you can see I lift eight 135lb batteries with no symptoms what so ever 1 1/2 years after my adult stem cell therapy.


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