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bald mouse grows hair with stem cells

bald mouse grows hair with stem cells

I’m surprised that we haven’t heard more about this recently.  There are articles going back to 2004 (like this one) showing the successful use of stem cells to generate hair.  Five years later, it is still not available?

Who cares, you ask? Forget for a moment about men going through mid-life crisis, buying red sports cars and driving fast down roads with the top down and the wind blowing through what used to be a full head of hair…(random fact – Propecia pulls in about $100 million per year and Rogaine pulls in another $50 mill.)

I want this to be available for those who have gone through the ravages of chemo.  Men, women and children who have lost their hair and a perceived degree of their dignity on top of losing their health.

And for those of you that prefer to sport a bald or tightly shaved dome, good for you! http://www.brotherhoodofbaldpeople.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=10162  -dg

Stem Cells: A hair club for mice?

It was a great day for follicularly challenged rodents: With the help of lab-grown stem cells, some totally bald mice sprouted luxuriant new tufts of fur.

Scientists had seen hints that some blank-slate stem cells normally live inside hair follicles to regenerate hair and skin. So Elaine Fuchs and her colleagues at Rockefeller University in New York took a single stem cell from a furry mouse’s hair follicle and grew it into millions of cells in a dish. After grafting the cells onto genetically hairless mice, they soon saw new skin, oil glands, and impressive patches of fuzzy fur.

The report, out last week in the journal Cell , is the best demonstration yet that a single adult stem cell can regenerate all the structures in a solid tissue, raising hopes for made-to-order replacement body parts. “That is the extraordinary advance,” says Fuchs. She now wants to compare these cells with other kinds of stem cells, like those in embryos. And yes, the work may, someday, lead to human hair growth. But don’t expect Fuchs to race for a baldness cure: “That’s not the driving force that makes me do my science.” -Nell Boyce

via In Brief – US News and World Report.

Some other articles on balding and stem cells over the past 4 years:

I have the cure for baldness (though it hasn’t worked for me,…

Independent – Apr 23, 2006
He may be about to announce what for bald men is the Holy Grail – a way of making hair grow again, using stemcell technology.
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Hair loss the mane topic at Vancouver conference

CBC.ca – Jun 13, 2007
… stem cell therapy, hair surgery, and even hirsutism or excessive hair growth. Scientists are also researching whether implanting the cells into bald …
Hair follicles could help cure paralysis,… – Canada.com
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Biotech turns to hair-loss research

San Francisco Chronicle – Mar 7, 2008
For those hoping for a new technology that will carpet a bald scalp like Astroturf, Oro, who studies hair stem cells at Stanford, said work on the
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Two New Studies Offer Hope for Bald Men

FOXNews – Oct 13, 2008
In a related study, Swedish researchers have found a gene in stem cells which can re-grow hair follicles on mice. In a lab setting, the researchers were
Bald facts can be found in the genes, study says – Bald facts can be found… – PressDisplay.com ($2.75)
Gene variants boost baldness risk – NEWS.com.au
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A Cure For Baldness?

msn.com – Jan 29, 2008
They weren’t trying to cure baldness, but they say that they may have, by combining stem cells with a secret compound. This is different from hair loss
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Doctors ‘close to cure for baldness’

Telegraph.co.uk – May 17, 2007
Rather than turning on stem cells, as thought, the method works by reactivating genes used during development of the embryo. If researchers can control hair …
A CURE FOR BALDNESS? – Science Friday
Hair regrown in baldness breakthrough – Sydney Morning Herald
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Beyond appearance’s sake; Hair loss research offers powerful insights…

Pay-Per-View – Los Angeles Times – ProQuest Archiver – Apr 17, 2006
Cancer: Each hair follicle contains a set of adult stem cells that divide Her findings might lead to drugs to help bald people grow more hair — or to
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Stem cell hair hope for baldies

NEWS.com.au – May 19, 2007
IT could be the answer to the prayers of millions of bald men. Scientists have coaxed stem cells into growing hair for the first time.
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Support group, lunch event assist women with hair loss

North County Times – Jan 13, 2008
The affected hair follicles become small and drastically slow down hair production. But since the stem cells that continually supply the follicle with new
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Male Call: Advice from a Guy.

Free with registration – San Jose Mercury News – AccessMyLibrary.com – Jun 19, 2007
Good news, bald men of America! All is not lost. (Except your hair, of course. Ha ha! “From a guy living on Propecia and hoping for the day of stem cell …

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