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iPSC for Newbies! ;) iPS, shmi PS, what’s it all mean?

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iPS cells

iPS cells are regular old skin cells that a scientists has changed into something else.  They take a skin cell, induce it (manipulate certain genes to express themselves) and end up with a stem cell.  There is a lot of fuss abut iPS because they are pluripotent (can become any cell in the body) and they don’t require any embryos in the process.

More research is required and their use in treatments is unknown at this point but many believe iPS have:

  • all the promise of adult stem cells for treatments
  • all the promise of embryonic stem cells for pluripotency
  • none of the embryonic controversy

A bit more info:

iPS cells were discovered in mice in 2006 and humans in 2007. Here are 3 articles about iPS cells if anyone is interested.


Bear in mind that the more educated pro embryonic people will tell you that iPS cells ALSO do carry SOME risk of tumor formation.  Fear not.

Dr James Thomson is the father of embryonics who gave up embryonic research because of it’s limitations to become one of the world’s most brilliant iPS scientist. On March 27th, 2009 he was able to turn skin cells…foreskin cells to be exact, into induced plutipotent (iPS) cells with no viruses or tumor potential.


Btw, whereas iPS have what looks to be a bright future, adult stem cells are still the gold standard for treatment Adult stem cells have treated over 130+ diseases successfully over the past 6 years and they also have a prior history of safe use as bone marrow transplants for Leukemia and a number of other cancers to counter the effects of chemotherapy for ~40 years.

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