Yale Daily News – Yale gets stem cell grants

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Yale gets stem cell grants

The Yale Stem Cell Center, pictured, received funding from the state while the federal government did not support embryonic stem cell research.

Florence Dethy, Published Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The economy may be down, but for 12 Yale researchers, things are looking up.

A dozen Yale researchers have received $3.9 million in grant funding for research on human embryonic stem cells, The Connecticut Department of Health announced April 1st.

Indeed, after weathering federal cuts to research under former President George W. Bush ’68, stem cell research may be on the rise nationally, though Yale stem cell researchers say they have faring well for some time. On March 9 President Barack Obama retracted the federal stem cell ban enacted. While the repeal will open up a significant new source of federal funding, researchers interviewed said, they added that at Yale they have been benefiting for four years from a 2005 Connecticut law designed specifically to circumvent the federal ban.

via Yale Daily News – Yale gets stem cell grants.

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