FIGHT OR FLIGHT, we are programmed for survival

In ALL ARTICLES, OFF THE BEATEN PATH on March 30, 2009 at 6:48 pm


Fight or Flight, We are programmed for survival

We are born with a fight or flight instinct. It is the strongest instinct in our arsenal (except in the spring when perpetuation of the species can over ride). Wanting to cure disease and live longer is a natural extension of that instinct and it is hard wired into us and is not only completely natural, but unavoidable.

With pluripotent stem cells being induced from skin and testes and adult stem cells treating over 100+ diseases around the world successfully and adult stem cells being found in places all over the body – breast milk, fat, menstruation, bone marrow, blood, noses and of course, teeth; the history of medicine and the advancements for healing have taken an undeniable  quantum leap forward.


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