A Grim Fairy Tale – America’s Doomed Love Affair with Embryonic Stem Cell Research – Part 2&3 – Embryonic Stem Cells are bad medicine

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romeo & juliet

romeo & juliet

A Six Part Series

by Don Margolis, Founder of the Repair Stem Cell Institute – http://repairstemcells.org
A Grim Fairy Tale – Part 2&3

There are six reasons why embryonic stem cells will never make it out of the lab and into the bodies of sick Americans.

Reasons 2 & 3: Embryonic Stem Cells are bad medicine.

Actually, they’re very badmedicine. Nicholas Wade, the well-respected scientific reporter, editor and author who writes for the Science Times section of The New York Times, wrote in his article, “Rethink Stem Cells? Science Already Has,” the day after Obama’s announcement:   Embryonic stem cells have their drawbacks. They cause tumors and the adult stem cells derived from them may be rejected by the patient’s immune system. Furthermore, whatever disease process caused the patient’s tissue cells to die is likely to kill induced cells as well.

Causes cancer (reason 2).

Starts a war with your immune system (reason 3).

That’s really about as bad as it gets! And, to date there are a lot of guesses, but no successes, as to how to combat these inevitable results.   Recent studies at the Stanford University School of Medicine show that embryonic stem cells transplanted into mice were dead within ten days after inducing immune system rejection. That was actually the best news you can find about ESC. The mice didn’t die in that war, the cells did!

Dr. Bernadine Healy of US News and World Report, concluded just ten days ago that “the worst they [RSC] seem to do after infusion is die off without bringing the hoped-for benefit.” Maybe that’s not good medicine, but it certainly isn’t bad – or fatal. Gee-a medicine which can help the majority of those treated and not harm anyone? For sure, we have never heard of such a medicine before—not even aspirin—unless you include “an apple a day!”

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Reason 4: Real Scientists really prefer to research Adult Stem Cells.


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