FDA Part3: What does the FDA do?

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Alright, someone tell me what the FDA does.

  • You get growth hormones in practically all fruits and vegetables and meats.
  • You get pesticides in nearly all fruit juices.
  • You got high counts of mercury in fish.
  • You have a food pyramid that is completely wrong.
  • The most unhealthy foods and snacks in schools.
  • You get a combination of growth hormones, bacteria, and who knows what else in milk.
  • The worlds largest fast food chains are using diseased/sick cows and chickens.
  • You got pharmaceutical companies working on products that cure symptoms and not the actually cause.
  • And on top of that, those drugs are being recalled! You got major drugs like Vioxx being recalled. So backward movement in the drugs to cure the diseases.
  • At one point widespread cigerettes and alcohol addiction could have been stopped. Wiped out, before you ever knew it existed. Now it’s allowed to be sold with a warning that it may essentially kill you. What are they saying really.
  • Well for one, if they are allowing it to be sold, it’s “FDA Approved”. So essentially anything FDA approved is a joke. It may kill you.

I’m starting to think the healthcare crisis we’re seeing around the world is primarily due to very poor regulation of food and drugs and we will have to pay for all their errors down the line in taxes through a social security and humanitarian initiative.

Maybe they are saying we are in a famine type situation. We don’t have enough food to feed our country. We are in a food shortage crisis. Rather than continue pumping out quality foods and make our country healthy, lets allow farmers and companies to pump out whatever they can by whatever methods they can and cover it up.

In a lot of religous texts they say in the end time, there will be widespread famine. My question is, with all the scientific break throughs in food modification, will we notice? Or will it be covered up by the FDA?

If foods were natural, healthier, cleaner, would we be in a shortage? How much would this food cost? Are natural/organic foods very expensive now because their is a shortage? Or because nobody produces them anymore?

If you were the President and had access to this information, the information of what’s really going on, what would you do? Perhaps you’d move out to the middle of nowhere like Crawford Texas and live on a ranch and have your own water filtration system. Oh wait, he does that now!

I think It’s time we start considering this as a group.

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