Fundraiser for Spinal Cord Injury Patient for Stem Cell Treatment

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Stem Cell Research Information and Events
By Don Margolis, March 19, 2009

Fundraiser for Spinal Cord Injury Patient for Stem Cell Treatment

fundraiser pig piglet spinal cordFriends and family of Chuck Melton are holding a “Chuck Melton Benefit Raffle” on March 28th, 2009.  Chuck was paralyzed in 2002 in a diving accident and went to China for Adult Stem Cells in January 2007.  The stem cell research and resulting treatment gave Chuck a better quality of life- so much so that he is trying to raise money so he can return to China for more stem cell therapy (Adult Stem Cells of course)  in hopes for even more improvement.

I featured Chuck Melton here last month focusing on the benefits of his first stem cell treatment which gave him the ability to sweat again, better bladder control, easier breathing and more feeling in his legs.  Chuck and his doctors feel that another treatment with the cord blood stem cells (Adult Stem Cells) would help him improve even more…

Via http://culture11.com/diary/37415

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