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Adult stem cell bill would assist local research

by Janice Gibbs | Medical Writer-  Published: March 13, 2009

Authorities in the adult stem cell field testified in Austin on Thursday in support of creating the Texas Adult Stem Cell Research Consortium.

Dr. Darwin Prockop, director of the Institute of Regenerative Medicine at Scott & White Memorial Hospital, testified during the meeting of the Texas Senate Health and Human Services Committee in support of Senate Bill 73, which would help establish an expert research coordinating board to create the consortium.

The bill is authored by Sen. Jane Nelson, R-Lewisville, chair of the Senate Health and Human Services Committee.

The coordinating board would oversee funding for adult stem cell research received from both public and private sectors.

Prockop said this project has been in the works for a while and that he testified before a state House committee in May.

At that time, Prockop said he and some others had suggested forming the consortium and the idea advanced to Sen. Nelson submitting the bill.

“I think the idea has been well received,” Prockop said. “Everybody seemed optimistic.”

The goal of the consortium is to foster collaboration and build strength among the individuals working with adult stem cells, he said.

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Repair Stem Cell Institute Weighs in on Reversal of Embryonic Stem Cell Policy

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Repair Stem Cell Institute Weighs in on Reversal of Embryonic Stem Cell Policy
Posted 13 March, 2009 in Repair Stem Cell Institute

Problems with Embryonic Stem Cell Research
Today, I have a press release that our Repair Stem Cell Institute has just put out. In it, we address the problems associated with Embryonic Stem Cell research and describe how Adult Stem Cell research is already giving people better quality of lives through stem cell treatment. Here it is in full:

The Chairman of the Repair Stem Cell Institute (That is me- Don Margolis) says the viability of Embryonic Stem Cells is an Illusion. Repair (Adult) Stem Cells have swept to such a large lead in diseases being treated all over the world, that it will be impossible for embryonic stem cell research, with all the insurmountable problems, to catch up – ever.

The Illusion of Embryonic Stem Cells
Don Margolis, the retired founder of the world’s first adult stem cell treatment company and chairman of the Repair Stem Cell Institute (RSCI), today issued a statement from RSCI headquarters in Bangkok, Thailand, in response to President Obama’s reversal of current U.S. policy on stem cell research. In it, Margolis said that “Science itself will destroy the illusion of the viability of embryonic stem cells.”

Adult Stem Cells- Already Successfully Helping People
Adult Stem Cells have already been proven to safely treat and improve the quality of life for thousands of patients, with successful treatments for multiple sclerosis, heart conditions, optic nerve disorders, diabetes and 100+ other treatable conditions.

Margolis went on to explain “There are six reasons why Embryonic Stem Cells will never make it out of the lab and into the bodies of sick Americans.”
Here are the six reasons why Embryonic Stem Cell research is not needed:

1. There is no need for still-useless embryonics. “We already have Repair (Adult) Stem Cells, the most powerful medicine the world has ever seen, capable now of improving the quality of life of millions of patients; something embryonics will never even approach, let alone reach.

2. No scientist in the world, not just America, has a clue on how to stop the inevitable cancer threat of Embryonic stem cells.

3. Our bodies are built to destroy invading enemies. Embryonic stem cells  are so perceived by the human immune system and always will be.

4. California, with $275 million of stem cell funding to give away last spring, could not find one embryonic scientist in the state who was worthy of two cents worth of funding.

5. There are many ways of creating “embryonic-like” stem cells good for lab research, by using what The Institute heartily endorses, adult cells.

6. Economics: there is no way anyone can make money from the disaster known as embryonics. Just ask those who tried to cash in on the Geron hype a few weeks ago.”

Diseases Treated by Adult Stem Cells
If a loved one suffers from something “incurable,” check out our list of highly-honored doctors and the 100+ diseases they are treating in 2009, NOT 2025.”  You can find that diseases treated list here: http://www.repairstemcells.org/Treatment/Diseases-Treated.aspx

Mr. Margolis concluded: “For a full explanation of each of these six points, read ‘The Grim Fairy Tale’ on our website: http://www.repairstemcells.org/Home/Dons-Corner/A-Grim-Fairy-Tale.aspx

About the Repair Stem Cell Institute (RSCI): The Repair Stem Cell Institute’s mission is to educate and inform everyone about the rapid advances being made in Repair Stem Cell research, so all can intelligently exercise freedom of choice in medical care. Founded in 2008, RSCI is located in Bangkok, Thailand, and Dallas, Texas.

Here is the stem cell research press release: http://www.prweb.com/releases/2009/03/prweb2228644.htm

From Death Comes Life – Smoking Funds Stem Cells

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Oklahoma Legislature: Adult stem cell research could get tobacco funds

BY MICHAEL MCNUTT – Published: March 13, 2009

Voters may get a chance to decide whether to take money from the state’s anti-smoking effort and use it for research into adult stem cell therapies.

The House on Thursday approved House Joint Resolution 1035, which would let voters decide a constitutional amendment that would allow 10 percent of the interest earnings on the Tobacco Settlement Endowment Trust Fund to be used for adult stem cell research. The fund generated about $15 million in interest this fiscal year.

“Adult stem cell therapies may hold the cures for many diseases — Parkinson’s disease, spinal cord injuries, heart failure, cancers — and there are already nearly 70 research treatments that use adult stem cells,” said Rep. John Enns, the measure’s author. “By focusing on this promising research, Oklahoma can attract new businesses, create new high-paying jobs, potentially save lives, and do it all without the ethical compromises required by funding embryonic stem cell research.”

The measure passed, 99-0, and now will advance to the Senate.

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High hopes for tiny cells | watoday.com.au

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High hopes for tiny cells

* Nick Miller – * March 13, 2009 – * Page 1 of 7 | Single Page View

Karen Jepp and Shane Hill with their daughter Sierra Rose, who has severe cerebral palsy.

Karen Jepp and Shane Hill with their daughter Sierra Rose, who has severe cerebral palsy. Photo: Rebecca Hallas

TWO days after her first-born daughter’s experimental stem cell treatment, Karen Jepp walked into a London hotel room to face the results. She had steeled herself for disappointment, for the fact she might have flushed $15,000 — much of it not her own money — down the drain. She reminded herself of what the doctors had said: that results might not appear for months, or at all.

But she couldn’t quite quell the hope that 23-month-old Sierra Rose’s severe cerebral palsy might have abated — just a little. That the stem cells from Sierra’s bone marrow, extracted and injected into her spine, had travelled into the brain and somehow healed the damaged neurons.

Sierra was lying on the hotel bed, next to her father, Shane Hill.

“I picked her up, and I said, ‘Shane, she feels looser,’ ” Karen says. The “tone” or spasticity in Sierra’s limbs seemed less. “It was really obvious.”

She went through some of the exercises they had learnt from physiotherapy. One involved pulling Sierra’s legs apart, to see how far they would go before the muscles locked up. The previous record was 10 to 15 centimetres. Now they moved 25 centimetres.

Hope growing, Karen tried another test: touching Sierra’s elbows together. It couldn’t be done before. Now they touched.

“I was excited, delighted,” Karen says from her home in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs. “It was a big risk to spend the money, to ask people to support us (through fund-raising for Sierra’s treatment), when we couldn’t be sure we would get any results. There was a lot at stake. We had taken a big risk emotionally as well.”

These risks are being taken by more and more parents, as the slow but sure scientific process labours behind the extraordinary promise of the healing potential of stem cells.

…One clinic in Germany seemed to stand out as the safest bet in an area with no guarantees.

The clinician they spoke to at the XCell Centre in Cologne made no rash promises. “She said we don’t have any case studies for cerebral palsy,” Karen says. “She said there’s a 40 per cent chance it might work. It could be mild to significant improvement. She had seen some people get no improvement, though no one had gone backwards.”

…these matter-of-fact warnings persuaded Shane and Karen it was worth a try.

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031309 – Daily Dose of Stem Cells

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AlphaInventions.com and condron.us brings you your daily does of stem cells in the news!

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huh-red-grn-stem-cellsFor a limited time, if you comment on any of the articles on this blog, I will research the disease of your choice and show you how to find out where in the world it is being treated by stem cells!

Where are they treating…



Heart disease?





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Obama Assasinates any Hope of Stem Cell Treatments in US

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Just when the US was waking up to the benefits of ASC and iPSC and their ability to treat illnesses…






President Obama Also Kills Bush Executive Order for Adult Stem Cell Research

by Steven Ertelt – LifeNews.com Editor -March 10, 2009

Washington, DC (LifeNews.com) — President Barack Obama did more on Monday than just force taxpayers to fund embryonic stem cell research that requires the destruction of human life.

He also rescinded an executive order President Bush put into place funding adult stem cells and new research with iPS cells.

Obama also rescinded Executive Order 13435 of June 20, 2007.

President Bush put that order in place in June 2007 when he vetoed a Congressional measure that would have required embryonic stem cell research funding.

Instead of signing the bill, President Bush issued an executive order to press for more research into ways of obtaining embryonic stem cells without harming human life. The order was intended to ultimately fund research into alternatives” to destructive embryonic stem cell research such as altered nuclear transfer (ANT), “regression” (reverting differentiated cells into stem cells), and other methods.

Bush could be said to have been ahead of his time since regression, also known as direct reprogramming, has taken off and the new induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) are the talk of the scientific world.

“Of course, the Administration didn’t have the candor or courage to publicize this part of his nasty work,” he said. “But the now dead order explicitly required funding for alternative methods such as the new IPSCs, which offer so much promise without the ethical contentiousness.”

…”So much for taking the politics out of science,” he concludes.

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