Children’s, UC ready for stem cell boost – Business Courier of Cincinnati:

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Broken record interjects: Adult stem cells, repair stem cells, induced pluripotent stem cells work.  Embryonic stem cells do not. – dg


Children’s, UC ready for stem cell boost

Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center and the University of Cincinnati are preparing for an expansion of stem cell research programs.

The federal government is implementing budget increases for biomedical research and easing restrictions on funding for embryonic stem cell research. As part of the economic stimulus bill just signed into law by President Barack Obama, the National Institutes of Health is receiving a $10.4 billion increase in funding for biomedical research.

The Cincinnati Children’s Research Foundation has budgeted $10 million to expand stem cell research programs over the next five years, according to a news release. That amount could increase to as much as $30 million, depending on the status of federal and private funding proposals.

“Our research foundation is deeply committed to stem cell research because of its potential to relieve incredible suffering and save the lives of children around the world,” said Dr. Arnold Strauss, director of the foundation and chair of pediatrics at UC, in the release. “We want to be able to use stem cells to treat fatal or life-threatening genetic disorders like we use drugs to treat other diseases.”

via Children’s, UC ready for stem cell boost – Business Courier of Cincinnati:.


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