Video: Using dog fat cells to treat arthritis | NBC13.com

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saddogPublished: March 5, 2009

Imagine watching your dog become crippled, with no relief from drugs or surgery.

That’s what happened to one California pet owner.

Fortunately she found a life-saving treatment using the dog’s own fat.

It’s hard to believe seeing it now, but a couple of months ago Abby, a 6-year old shelty, could barely walk.

“we were talking about euthanizing her because she was in so much pain,“ said owner Vicky Rusconi.

Rusconi tried countless procedures to help her dog’s debilitating arthritis, but nothing worked.

When a vet at the animal clinic where she works recommended injecting stem cells using Abby’s own fat, she figured she had nothing to lose.

“I was skeptical to be honest, but I was willing to try anything,“ Rusconi said. “I think when you get to the point where it’s either euthanize your dog or try a new procedure, you’re willing to try it.“

Since the first round worked so well, Abby is now undergoing a second round of stem cell injections using her own fat.

via Video: Using dog fat cells to treat arthritis | NBC13.com.


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