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Cali Couple to take 2 Year old with Cerebral Palsy to China for treatment

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FDA Says No, So California Family Goes to China for Stem Cell Research

Posted 2 March, 2009

Going to China for Adult Stem Cell research and treatment

Not taking no for an answer, a California family is going to China for the stem cell research that should help improve their son’s life. Gryphon Klomp, a 2 year old boy living in Visalia, California will travel to China in April, 2009 to receive treatment in the form of umbilical cord blood stem cells to treat his cerebral palsy.

Blocked by the US FDA for stem cell treatment:

He’s been blocked by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration from receiving umbilical-cord stem-cell treatment for a combination of rare medical conditions, said his mother, Aleesha Klomp, a graduate of Golden West High School in Visalia.

“China is the world leader in the type of stem-cell treatment Gryphon needs,” she said.

Such treatment has yet to be approved by the FDA, but the Klomps, who live in Hanford, are in no mood to wait.

From Jaundice to Kernicterus to Cerebral Palsy

Gryphon Klomp ran into difficulties 8 days into his life when his jaundice turned into kernicterus which in turn almost killed Gryphon. Gryphon was lucky to survive, but did suffer some brain damage and a form of cerebral palsy.

Community Helping Out For Cost of Stem Cell Therapy

The stem cell treatment and trip to China for the family will cost approximately $50,000, so the Klomps have held a series of fund raisers and with the help of the community have raised some of the money needed for the stem cell therapy in China.

80% Success Rate for Cerebral Palsy

Gryphon’s mother states that the stem cell company in China has an 80% success rate of helping cerebral palsy patients and it is better done at an early age.

No stem cell research on offer in the United States

It is too bad that this family had to leave the country for the treatment. However, what did the US FDA have to offer as an alternative to improve Gryphon’s condition? Any answers? I hear crickets.

I sincerely wish Gryphon the best on his stem cell treatment. It is already a story of triumph of what we can do when we come together. A family was in need and with the help of the community, may make their dreams come true. I hope to see updates of Gryphon’s progress in the near future.

See the whole stem cell article here

If you want to help Gryphon, they have a website http://www.helpgryphon.com

That Help Gryphon website is also useful for those of you out there looking to raise money for possible stem cell treatments overseas. They made cookies, had dinners etc. Don’t give up. It can be done.

And for some success stories of patients with cerebral palsy, please see our Cerebral Palsy Stem Cell section.

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