Will Rover outlive Grandma?

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What does it say about the medical establishment and government when your dog can get better health care care than you can? -DG


RNL Offers a Free Stem Cell Shot for Pets for New Banking Customers

As a promotional event from RNL Bio, pet owners who register RNL’s stem cell bank for animals will have unique opportunity for free stem cell therapy for their pets.

(PRWEB) March 1, 2009 — RNL Bio, a leading stem cell firm dedicated to the commercialization of adult stem cell based therapeutics, announced today that any pet owner whose dogs, cats or even horses are registered in the stem cell bank will get free one coupon for one time stem cell therapy valid through one year.

RNL has operated a stem cell bank for animals in Rockville, Maryland. The one time processing fee for stem cell banking is only $999. The stem cells will be preserved alive in liquid nitrogen tank and hold good up to 15 years. During the preservation period, customers can claim stem cells whenever their beloved pets are in need of stem cell therapy to treat various obstinate diseases, including but not limited to osteoarthritis, spinal cord injury, heart condition, aging, kidney failure and even brain damage while they are alive. The stored cells can also be used for cloning dogs after their dogs pass away.

“I am very glad to offer new banking customers free stem cell therapy for lovely pets and you will get the wonderful experience of state of the art technology,” said Jeong Chan Ra, chief executive of RNL Bio. He added, “Stem cell has lots of potential. When your dog is alive, stem cell can be used to treat your dog’s illness. The stem cell will remain alive in our stem cell bank. When your dog passes away, the banked stem cells remain still alive. You can use them to clone your dog if you want to. We recommend our pet lover to register their pets’ stem cell while they are younger and healthier. Stem cells harvested when young have more efficiency.”



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