Stem Cell Research Yields Benefits for American Man Traveling to China

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In what seems to be a continuing trend, Americans are seeking out stem cell research and treatment abroad because it isn’t available in the United States. Chuck Melton, of Hoyleton, Illinois was the latest to leave the United States in search of the stem cell treatment that would improve his quality of life. It worked so well that Chuck is trying to raise money to return to China for more Adult Stem Cells to treat his spinal cord injury.

Doing his own research on the treatment

Chuck who was paralyzed in a diving accident in 2002 went to China in January 2007 to try and improve his spinal cord injury. Chuck said “I found out that China had been doing [stem cell treatment] for a number of years and experimenting with treatments and results. So I contacted [people in China] and talked to doctors and patients and got a lot of great feedback from it.”

His wife Kelly said “We decided to take a leap of faith and send him and see what happened. We figured we didn’t have anything to lose.

Before the stem cell treatment:

  • Couldn’t sweat to cool off his body, would pass out at high temperatures
  • No feeling in his legs
  • difficulty breathing, diminished lung function
  • No control over his bladder

After the Adult Stem Cells were implanted:

  • Started sweating after first injection of stem cells
  • More feeling in his legs, can now feel hot and cold
  • Easier breathing, stronger lungs
  • More control over his bladder

Stem Cell Research using Adult Stem Cells Giving Hope

Chuck said “It’s been a big boost in morale. It’s all the more reason I want to go back to see what possibly could come out of that.”

“We’re hoping he can gain more bowel and bladder control and functions,” Kelly added. “We’re not looking for him to walk again per se, but if we can improve his quality of life and give him some independence, then it will be worth it.”

Going Back to China for more Stem Cell Therapy

As stated above, Chuck is trying to raise money so he can go back to China a second time and hopefully improve even more. Funny how we always hear that these stem cell therapies overseas are unproven and scams, but then I must ask once more why Chuck and his wife want him to go back again. Must be something good there- Adult Stem Cells

Chuck hopes stem cell treatment will be available to others like him here in this country.

“I think [lawmakers] are focusing on the wrong thing — on embryonic instead of umbilical cord,” he said. “I think they should seriously consider what China and others have done. I know there’s a lot of skepticism, but they need to focus on the healing process and the problem itself, as opposed to trying to clone another person.”

Well said Chuck.

A raffle is being held for Chuck’s benefit is being organized in which a high definition television, a laptop and other gifts are prizes. For more information, you can call 231-5558.

Read the whole stem cell news article here

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