Stem cells, Dr Payne & more!

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Stem Cell Medicine Jumps to Warp Speed: The Flight of the Phoenix II – Major advances in technology have made it possible to program and target stem cells. This article is spreading like a brush fire on a Nebraska priaire in a windstorm by e-mail and on various cyber-forums. A must read.

Embracing the Disenfranchised – America, Seig Heil! In the Nazi death camps doctors sent the victims of the Third Reich’s Social Darwinist laws and policies to the right (starvation, work, disease) or the left (Gassing & cremation). Are some modern actions and decisions based on a similar tendency to categorize and marginalize others who are “different” (Older, sicker, etc.)?

Nepsis Institute on Jim Haverlock’s MS website – The future of stem cell medicine has arrived. Brief introduction to a stem cell program in Mexico which licenses and utilizes some truly revolutionary new technology developed in the US

Nepsis Institute Stem Cell Program Handbook – Patient guide to the Nepsis Institute program (The heart of which is programmed & targeted stem cells created using novel technologies developed by Weller Health Institute R & D scientists)

Umbilical Cord Blood & Cord Blood Stem Cell Therapy: In Something Amiss? – How government policies are sending sick folks to Forest Lawn unnecessarily. Government regulations & policies and agency interpretation of those is often contradictory and even counter-progressive. As a result many folks with incurable illnesses are dying sooner than might otherwise be the case. This article lays it all out.

Experimental regimen targeting the ependyma slows disease progression in four patients with ALS – Slowing ALS may now be possible. A paper was published during February 2009 in Medical Hypotheses Journal (Elsevier) describing a novel treatment approach that appears to have substantially slowed progression in four (4) individuals with nonfamilial ALS.

Fascination with Dying and Death as Participation – Do we rehearse our own demise when witnessing the death of others?

Diet for Maximizing Health & Longevity – Eat like a cave man and live longer and healthier! Our ancestors thrived on what is known today as the “Stone Age” or “Paleolithic” diet.  Once dietary patterns began substantially deviating from this all kinds of health problem ensued. This article outlines how you can bring your diet into harmony with what we evolved to thrive on.

Our Incredible Shrinking Life & Influence: Staring into the Face of our own Mortality (Death & Dissolution) – The irrepressible Grim Reaper. Dealing with one’s own mortality isn’t easy. This article offers some help.

Enhancing Male Sexual Responsiveness & Performance – Forget the spam and hype, this article discusses scientifically validated ways to improve male sexual response, performance & pleasure. The title says it all. Science not hype.

Simple Gadgets that have made Erectile Dysfunction Drugs a Thing of the Past for Many Men – Impotence: No more insipid smile or high priced drugs! Three devices that have made it possible for many men to throw away their Viagra® and Cialis®


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