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Christopher Reeve Interview: A Hero Onscreen and Off

Just months before his untimely death and nearly a decade after his tragic accident, Christopher Reeve spoke one last time with Reader’s Digest about his personal struggles, keeping up hope, and his frustrations with the current administration’s opposition to stem cell research.

By Alanna Nash

Nothing Is Impossible

Christopher Reeve, a hero onscreen as Superman and in real life as an activist for stem cell research, passed away on October 10 at age 52. Just months before, Mr. Reeve spoke with our magazine for an interview that appeared in our October 2004 issue.

The injury rendered Reeve, (at) 52, a quadriplegic, confined to a ventilator and a wheelchair — and initially contemplating suicide. But he titled his second memoir Nothing Is Impossible, and has spent the years since proving that point. Reeve works fiercely on his rehabilitation and has regained sensation over 70 percent of his body. He can go for long periods without his ventilator (he had electrodes implanted in his abdomen to help him breathe on his own). And he has stunned doctors by willing himself to move one of his fingers, and, in water, his legs and arms.

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  1. Christopher Reeve shares the ancestry as the real life hero, “Uncle” Alan Burton Hall! Hall died of a heart attack saving a young girl in Florida!

  2. bravo supermene sei bravo sono tuo fan

  3. Where can I find the rest of Christopher reeves interview on stem cell research

  4. so Superman is only imagination, not real …

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