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The following are paraphrased excerpts from a conversation with a woman who is desperately trying to find treatments for her son who has Autism. All she has received in response to her inquiries to date…is abuse.

“My husband and I are trying to raise money to send our son, Niko for Adult stem cell treatment.  Wow, we are finding it is like running on sand and people are so cruel.  Our son is Autistic.  I wish people were more educated on the subject before they crucified us!  Does anyone have any suggestions to take it to the next level?  We would love your opinion!  Anything that will help would be welcome!”

I introduced her to the Repair Stem Cell Institute which is a patient advocate education center that connects patients with adult stem cell treatment centers around the world.  They know of a treatment center which both treats AUTISM and also meets the standards of the Repair Stem Cell Institute: http://www.repairstemcells.org/TreatmentDetail.php?keyword=AUTISM


Her response is indicative of what I believe a lot of people are going through right now when they are looking for new treatments to old diseases.

“I will look into this, Thank you! Your email is the first kind email we have received! Thank you for the links! I will join the repair stem cell group right away. We are not going to give up! We have no other option but to fight on! We had to stop the email responses on Niko’s blog, they were just too much for me to handle. Looking forward to keeping in touch with you! Blessings!”

Why are people so resistant to the benefits of RSC?  I find it terribly sad that in all of her research and correspondence, my email was the first kind one she received.  I can only imagine the ordeal of being a struggling parent seeking help for a sick child met on all sides by both adamant opponents of embryonic stem cells and adamant opponents of repair stem cells.  The world must seem a very cruel and cold place.

I wish the best for Niko and his parents.  I hope my recommendations are helpful to them and they are able to gain the relief from the symptoms of Niko’s Autism that they are striving so hard to find.

All my best-


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