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Don’t give those teeth to the tooth fairy! They could save your life!


After wisdom teeth have been extracted, they are sealed in StemSave’s technology collection kit and shipped to the New York-based company. Once there, the cells are tested for viability before being cryogenically stored. Photo by John F. Russell


Stem cells may shape health care in the future, and companies such as StemSave emphasize the importance of preserving valuable stem cells that can be found in wisdom teeth, baby teeth and, in some cases, permanent teeth that have been extracted.

Steamboat Springs — Some Steamboat Springs residents are forgoing the Tooth Fairy, hoping their teeth wind up being worth a lot more than a quarter.

Steamboat Springs oral surgeon Dr. John Lupori offers patients the chance to store the stem cells in the teeth he extracts. Lupori partners with StemSave, a New York-based company that freezes and stores stem cells found in the pulp at the base of teeth. Science is moving fast, those involved said, and the cells might someday save the patient’s life.

“Potentially, they’re incredibly miraculous,” said Dr. Bob Pensack, who had his daughter, Miriam, save her cells. “They’ve already been miraculous in the lab.”

Stem cells exist throughout the body and differentiate into organs and tissue. Stem cells that could be used to grow new organs, for example, are the type that haven’t differentiated. Dental stem cells fall into this category, StemSave CEO Art Greco said.

“They are what is called very plastic, which means they can become different kinds of tissue,” Greco said. “That’s what makes them very valuable.”

The possibilities of dental stem cells still aren’t proven, Lupori said. But he, Pensack and StemSave have high hopes.

“In the not-too-distant future, you’ll be able to re-create the bone, and you can re-create it in the shape of that person’s own bone using 3D printers,” Greco said. “The person has his own bone, and it’s bone that’s from earlier in his life. It’s younger bone that will last a lifetime.”….

via The Steamboat Pilot & Today: Local oral surgeon harvests stem cells for patients.


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Stem cells are all over the news and now they are showing up frequently in entertainment drama as well.  The Eleventh hour is a TV show about FBI scientists who are investigating cord blood stem cells stolen from a bank.

Stem Cells on Eleventh Hour (2 min 15 sec video)

Hood discovers that the cord blood was replaced with pig blood so that the theft would go unnoticed.

Stolen Stem Cells (2 min video)

Hood and Young explain that a teenager’s stem cells were stolen.

(sorry about the commercial in front of it, not much I can do about that.)



India’s First Public Stem Cell Bank Opens,

Poor to Get FREE Therapy

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Saturday, February 07, 2009 10:55 PM

(Source: The Times of India)trackingCHENNAI: The country’s first public stem cell bank, which would store stem cells extracted from a newborn’s umbilical cord for common use, was inaugurated here on Thursday. The cells, which are collected from the blood from umbilical cord soon after childbirth, are preserved at -196 degrees Celsius in liquid nitrogen.

While mothers can store the blood for private use for a cost, they would be charged nothing if they donate it to the public bank. These cells are capable of developing into different kinds of cells and tissues, offering new treatment methods for serious disorders including blood cancer.

Member of parliament Kanimozhi inaugurate Jeevan Stem Cell Bank, a unit of Jeevan Blood Bank. “Stem cells have a shelf life of 21 years. As of now, there is 80% cure from stem cell therapy for diseases like blood cancer and Thalassemia. In the future, it may be possible to use these cells to grow damaged tissues or organs. It has a potential of curing more than 70 medical conditions,” said Dr P Srinivasan, managing trustee, Jeevan Blood Bank.

The Bank has assured that it would collect, test, process and store at least 30,000 units of stem cells from cord blood in five years. Under the scheme, 70% of the bank’s capacity will be used for public storage and 30% for private storage to cross subsidise and make it viable. Parents would pay Rs 70,000 to cord blood for 21 years of exclusive use.

“Stem cells from the bank would be made available free of cost for people living below the poverty line. Others will be charged Rs 1 lakh per unit. We have adopted a working model after studying several ones abroad,” said Jeevan Blood Bank medical director Saranya Narayan. The charge, she said, is less than one eighth of that of banks abroad.

…”These cells will be given to any person who needs them, provided there is a tissue match. We will make available a portion of the cells collected for research as well,” said Dr Srinivasan.

(c) 2009 The Times of India. Provided by ProQuest LLC. All rights Reserved.

Through years of involvement in stem cells I have come to know some of the top stem cell scientists and doctors in the world.   Ask me any questions about treatments that you have and I will either get an answer for you or show you how to get it yourself! -dg

via Country’s First Public Stem Cell Bank Opens in City, Poor to Get Free Therapy.

KSA launches nanotech, stem cell research

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By Abdulmohsin Al-Harthi

RIYADH – As King Abdullah, Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, inaugurates a package of development projects worth SR14.039 billion at King Saud University (KSU) here today, King Abdullah Institute for Nanotechnology, affiliated with KSU, announced that it has registered two nanotechnology patents with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

The two products are the initial seeds in developing nanotech research in the Kingdom, especially in the water studies…

…Department of Anatomy of the College of Medicine at KSU has been granted research funds by a medical research program funded by the European Union to continue its scholarly work on using nanotechnology to develop stem cells, said head researcher Mustafa Qassim.

The research proposal Advanced Functional Nanomaterials for Programming Stem Cells has won five million euros in research funds.

via Saudi Gazette – KSA launches nanotech, stem cell research.

Stem cell scientists expecting more federal funding

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Gary Stein, head of the UMass stem cell biology program, is waiting for the federal research ban to open up.

Gary Stein, head of the UMass stem cell biology program, is waiting for the federal research ban to open up.

– – – –

Massachusetts Biotech and Technology News and New England Local Business News – Friday, February 6, 2009 -By Marc Songini

The anticipated lift of restrictions on federal embryonic stem cell research funding could mean millions of dollars for local laboratories and startups — with the potential to accelerate the maturity of the science and attract more private investors.

President Barack Obama has stated that he intends to lift that funding ban, although exactly when is an open question. Already, however, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration last month approved the request of Geron Corp., a California-based biotech, to proceed with the first human test using an embryonic stem cell-based treatment. New England stem cell advocates believe such developments could change the market completely — and even enable the creation of new technologies.

via Stem cell scientists expecting more federal funding – Massachusetts Biotech and Technology News and New England Local Business News.

Repair Stem cell transplants help MS victims

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Multiple Sclerosis Affect on Myelin Shaeth

By Agency Reporter -Published: Sunday, 8 Feb 2009

Stem cell transplantation seems to stop and, in some cases, undo neurological damage in people with multiple sclerosis, a small study shows.

The trial involved just 21 patients, but a larger, randomized trial is under way in the United States, Canada and Brazil.

”This is the first trial for any phase of MS, whether early or later, of any therapy anywhere that has shown reversal of neurological disability,” said study author Dr. Richard K. Burt, chief of the division of immunotherapy at the Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine in Chicago.

MS is a disease in which the immune system turns on the body and attacks myelin, the protective covering on nerve cells. The disease usually starts with a ”relapse-remitting” phase, with alternating periods of flare-ups of symptoms and relatively peaceful spans. After a decade or so, however, most patients move into the more severe, secondary-progressive form of the disease.

”There is a need to find a means by which we can control the progression of MS, particularly in these patients who are not responding to FDA-approved therapies,” said Patricia O‘Looney, vice president of biomedical research at the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.

Treatments are clustered toward the relapse-remitting stage, with little available for the latter stage. ”Generally, when you get to late progressive MS, nothing really works,” Burt said.

The technique used in this study, autologous non-myeloablative hemopoietic stem cell transplantation, ”resets” the immune system and is already used for secondary-progressive MS.

via The Punch: Stem cell transplants help MS victims.

POTUS will reverse restrictions on Embryonic Stem Cell Funding

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Stem cell order coming


President Obama told House Democrats Thursday that he will sign an executive order withdrawing limitations on federal funding for stem cell research. “I guarantee you that we will sign an executive order for stem cells,” Obama said in response to a question from Rep. Jim Langevin (D-R.I.). Obama added, though, that he wants to work with the House and Senate to make the order solid, according to the pool report.

The remarks were made during a private question-and-answer session with members and confirmed by two sources.

Obama had suggested during a pre-inauguration interview that he might not use his executive authority to reverse the Bush-era limits on embryonic stem cell research, but might wait instead for Congress to change the policy.

The comments drew attention because Obama pledged during the campaign to lift the restrictions, and political observers had expected him to move quickly to reverse President Bush’s 2001 executive order.

“God gave us power to make smart decisions, to cure diseases, to alleviate suffering,” Obama said in Virginia, according to one of the two sources.

via POLITICO 44 | The next president. Minute by Minute.

Toddler helps bring about a medical miracle – cancer & spinal cord injury

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I know Elena can do it. She’s already beat stage III cancer. She had her first chemo treatment at two days old. She’s already overcome so much and I know she’s a fighter,” said Juliet, Elena’s mother.

– – – –

Juliet “is working to raise the money for her daughter to be part of a clinical trial that will take stem cells from Elena’s bone marrow and introduce them into her spine.”

07:03 PM CST on Thursday, February 5, 2009

By Michelle Ponto / KHOU.com

HOUSTON — Elena isn’t your average little girl. At 20 months, she’s already battled stage III cancer, and a spinal cord injury has left her in a wheelchair.

Elena Porras with her mom, Juliet.

Now, she’s getting ready to fight again. This time, she’s fighting for the chance to walk.

“She’s paralyzed from the waist down, but from the waist up she’s a tiger,” said Juliet Porras, Elena’s mom.

With the help of Dr. James Baumgartner, Dr. Charles Cox, Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital, UT Houston and TIRR Foundation, Porras is working to raise the money for her daughter to be part of a clinical trial that will take stem cells from Elena’s bone marrow and introduce them into her spine…

via Toddler helps bring about a medical miracle | HOUSTON METRO | KHOU.com | News for Houston, Texas.

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