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– by Don Margolis

Both have promise to improve patients’ lives by implanting them into the patient’s body to replace damaged or dead tissue. Both are ALREADY helping medical knowledge, such as drug development and understanding diseases in new ways.ADULT stem cells (ASC) come from more sources than anyone can count. First was in the bone marrow, then the blood, then certain fat cells, then nasal skin, then the dam broke and we seem to find a new source in the body every month. ALL of these produce AUTOLOGOUS ASC, meaning from the patient’s own body.

ASC include also non-autologous cells. The strongest seem to be from the placenta and the umbilical cords of healthy newborn babies, which can be frozen and used to help the baby decades later or a family member months later, or a stranger also.

ASC are already helping improve and extend the lives of patients with dozens of “incurable” diseases,” 73 when you count only published scientific papers, well over 100 if you read all the reports from outside the USA you canfind.

Embryonic stem cells (ESC) are thought to be more powerful than ASC and maybe they are. They come from very early in a pregnancy and are the by-products of abortions and fertility clinics. However, ten years of research followed by animal tests seem to produce two results:

1–Disease symptoms can be reduced by ESC.

2–Animals die from tumors in too many cases.

Ergo–no approved clinical trials after ten years.

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